Pictures in Your Mind

NIKU revolutionizes mental health!

NIKU redefines mental health!

Mental health is the driving force behind family life, successful professional life and beneficial leisure time.

With NIKU, we increase everyone’s ability to feel good, to engage with pleasure and to have joy, be it at work, in the community or for loved ones. The solutions available in the present day, namely coaching, training or psychotherapy, are not for everyone. The range of support that people need actually goes beyond clinical care.

Do the right thing.
Do what matters.

With NIKU, your individual needs are finally met and this has an impact: making you popular, confident, sexy and engaged, from the inside out. You are YOU and are perceived as such.


For Big Challenges and Small Changes to a Mentally Stable Personality


For individual and cultural freedom!

For financial independence!

When you strive for individual freedom and independence, it will have a significant impact on EVERYTHING in your life. You will be less stressed, more productive and, most importantly, your resilience will increase. After all, resilience is not innate. It results from the strength that comes from experiences, namely experiences from your childhood.

What do you get in return? A significant reduction in health risks and an incomparable inner security to tackle everything your heart desires: at home, at work and in your free time. But before you can achieve this, your first need the experiences that will fundamentally strengthen you in both the present and the future. 

If you are self-employed, you need other inner reference persons to strengthen you, just like if you wanted to become a financial accountant or a skilled craftsperson. 

With NIKU, you control your present and your future yourself.


Gently Reprogram Your Past Repairing with NIKU


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Many things from your past want to be appreciated. It is the beautiful moments, the love and care, everything that you are attached to, that makes up your life and has made it precious. These are the emotions, the memories that guide us.

Completion / Repairing with NIKU
With NIKU, you can emotionally supplement your past with all the elements that were not given to you in your childhood.
By creating scenarios, you change your brain (see video below) and thus form memories. 



With the Help of Scenarios, You Can Complete the Experiences of Your Childhood



Give Emotions a Chance with NIKU so That Your Brain Can Get Used to Them


When connected to an fMRI machine, you can see that our brain lights up – quite literally, areas light up when emotions allow us to feel that they are there. Unfortunately, however, this does not happen on its own.

With NIKU, you pave the way for emotions and open the door to your psychological independence.